Available Technology for Student Use in the Alexander City School System

Jim Pearson Elementary School

• Computer with Internet Access

• Interactive White Board with          Internet Capability

• Television and DVD Player

• Overhead Projector

• Digital Camera

• Student Response System

Stephens and Radney Elementary Schools

• Computer with Internet Access,      both PC and Mac

• iPod with headset

• Document Camera, Digital            Camera

• DVD, VCR, and Television with      projection capability

• Student Response System

Alexander City Middle School

Computers with Internet Access,    both PC and Mac

•Document Camera, and Digital      Camcorder and Camera

•DVD, VCR, and Television with   projection capability

•Student Response System

Benjamin Russell High School

•Computers with Internet       Access, both PC and Mac

•Document Camera, Digital   Camcorder and Camera

•DVD, VCR, and Television with   projection capability

•Distant Learning Equipment

•Student Response System



Brad Strother

Director of Technology

Neal Wagoner

System/Network Technician

Brian Iddon

Technology Technician

Alexander City Schools Learning Model

ACS Learning Model

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Technology Purchase Request