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ACS Career Technical Education strives to prepare our students to enter college and/or a career with the skills necessary to be successful.  Career technical education applies the academic concepts through hands-on learning experiences that are relevant to the student's chosen career pathway.  Career technical teachers and academic teachers work together closely to provide students with rigorous and relevant curriculum and real-world activities. Students are given the opportunity to explore various careers before choosing the career technical courses that will best fit their interests and abilities.  Students then learn technical skills, as well as, employability skills and leadership skills they will need throughout life.

Students in career technical education have the opportunity to participate in job shadowing, career presentations, dual enrollment with the local community college, student organizations directly related to their field of study,  compete for recognition at the local, state and national level, scholarships, and membership in the National Technical Honor Society.  Most program areas also offer industry recognized credentials which provide students with the proof that they possess at least the minimum skills required for entry-level employment in their chosen career field.

Career technical education has something to offer everyone whether they plan to pursue post-secondary education or go directly into the workforce after high school.